Over 8,000 Dutch companies are active in the Dutch film industry, providing employment for some 20,000 people, not including unpaid staff. The proportion of total film releases in the Netherlands accounted for by Dutch cinema has almost doubled over the past twenty years. Many Dutch film productions are financed by the Netherlands Film Fund, other funds, the government or broadcasting organizations.

The 46 Dutch film productions shown in cinemas and art houses in 2011 made up a market share of 22% of cinema visits. Cinema attendance also doubled between 1991 and 2011, from 15 to 30 million visits. Statistical analysis shows that there is a positive correlation between showings of Dutch films and total cinema attendance.

These are a few key characteristics of the economic data surveyed for Film Producers Netherlands, the NVB, the NVF and the Netherlands Film Fund. The report sets out the economic importance of the Dutch film sector based on these and many other relevant key figures.