SEO Aviation Economics

SEO Aviation Economics carries out independent air transport research for governments, airlines and airports, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We use a unique set of economic tools and models to answer the questions of our clients. About us >

Connectivity analysis in air transport

Netscan is a powerful tool to measure and monitor how airports are connected to the world and how airports perform as hubs in connecting markets. Unlike conventional measures, the Netscan model considers both direct and indirect connections as well as the quality of the connections.

Connectivity Assessment for Regions

Connectivity is key to regional competitiveness. But do you know how your region is connected to other regions? Do you know the weak and strong spots in your regions connectivity performance, for various modes? 

Catchment area analysis

The SEO Catchment Area Choice Model estimates the market shares of airports or airlines in its surrounding regions. The model can visualise market shares for individual destinations as well as the average market shares for all destinations offered.

Air transport forecasting

The AviaDem forecasting model integrates airline network dynamics into the estimation of future aviation demand. AviaDem provides airports with a more accurate prediction of future demand, peak indicators and airport revenues, decreasing uncertainty in investment decisions.

Route feasibility analysis

SEO Aviation Economics provides a comprehensive route feasibility tool that enables airlines, airports, and (local) policy makers to assess the feasibility of possible new airline routes. Read more>

Airport charges benchmarking

SEO Aviation Economics’ Airport Charges Benchmarking Model provides policy makers and airport managers with essential insight into the price level and structure in comparison to competing airports. 

Airport Catchment Area Database

Good airport catchment area data are essential for airlines to assess the feasibility of new routes and frequencies. SEO Aviation Economics offers a unique and standardized European-wide catchment area database. We currently cover a time span of 10 years of historical data. Read more>

SEO Amsterdam Economics

SEO Aviation Economics is part of SEO Amsterdam Economics. SEO Amsterdam Economics carries out independent applied economic research on behalf of the public and private sectors.