More than 70 years' experience

SEO Amsterdam Economics was founded in 1949, by the Economic Faculty of the University of Amsterdam, to encourage applied research. This makes SEO one of the Netherlands' oldest economic research agencies. SEO Amsterdam Economics was transformed into a foundation independent from the University in the nineteen-eighties, although it retains close links with the academic community.

Our clients are many and varied: we work for ministries, companies and institutions in the non-profit sector, both nationally and internationally. SEO Amsterdam Economics is an independent organisation: as we are not linked to specific interests or parties, we are often requested to carry research into 'open questions'. In general, SEO reports are made public to guarantee our autonomy and scientific quality.

SEO Amsterdam Economics is a medium-sized, horizontal organisation. We have a scientific staff of about 40, the majority of whom are economists or econometricians. As the occasion arises our staff carry out research in cooperation with scientists from other disciplines.

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