The economic importance of childcare

Publication number: 2015-71
Authors: L. Kok, C. Berden, E. van den Berg & C. Koopmans
Commissioned by: Brancheorganisatie Kinderopvang (Dutch trade association for the childcare sector)
Published by: SEO Amsterdam Economics
ISBN: 978-90-6733-789-2

Childcare improves the school performance of children whose parents have a low level education. In addition, childcare leads to increased labour productivity of mothers. The government contribution to childcare results in an increase of the gross domestic product by €4.5 billion in the short term and by €5.2 billion in the long term. Welfare in the Netherlands increases from €0.6 to €1.4 billion per year as a result of the government subsidy.

Category: Carl Koopmans, Lucy Kok, Emina van den Berg, Healthcare & Social Security, 2016