Big Data Science

We offer independent research, clear conclusions, and practicable advice in the field of Big Data Science. For instance, we can help detect fraud or help to react more quickly to changes or challenges. Furthermore, we can support you in differentiating signals from the noise and we can validate your crucial models.

Our researchers combine a scientific approach with targeted and practical conclusions and solutions. Their work is regularly published in scientific and professional journals in the field of aviation, and they provide lectures, educational programs, and trainings.

Big Data Science

Big Data is the new gold. Thorough econometric expertise, however, is crucial. . We do not look for correlation, but for causal relations instead. In addition to content, SEO also focuses on the process. For example, we involve stakeholders and utilise the expertise of the client. We work efficiently without disrupting the business process. Moreover, SEO has the expertise to visualise the obtained knowledge in accessible and understandable ways, through infographics, presentations and fact sheets.

Who preceded you? In the past we have validated complex internal models for various local governments. Additionally, we have updated and streamlined various prediction models different private enterprises.

Would you like to know what we could do for your organisation?

Please feel free to contact Erik Brouwer.

Erik Brouwer
Head of Competition & Innovation / +31 (0)20 525 1695 / +31(0)6 5131 7003

Erik  is Head of SEO's Competition & Innovation practice. Erik has over 25 years of experience with applied economic research and advisory activities with regard to Big Data Science. Additionally, he specialises in measuring and mitigating risks, tenders, and innovations, and the measuring of customer preferences and willingness to pay for products and services for various sectors. Read further>

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