Connectivity Analysis in Air Transport

The liberalization of air transport has brought about more intense competition between hub airports. However, conventional measures of network performance, such as number of destinations or frequencies, do not capture the essence of hub competitiveness, since they do not take account of indirect connections via hubs. Indirect connections contribute significantly to accessibility by air between airports and regions. Moreover, large hubs and their hub carriers focus on indirect connections, since these are indispensable for profitability and market shares.

Unlike conventional measures, the SEO Aviation Economics Netscan model considers both direct and indirect connections as well as the quality of the connections. This provides airports and airlines with a complete picture of their network performance. Netscan is a powerful tool to measure and monitor how airports are connected to the world and how airports perform as hubs in connecting markets.

In summary, Netscan benchmarks and monitors the network performance of an airport or airline. Below you can find an example of a benchmark, that shows how well an airport performs as an O/D airport and hub relative to its most important competitors. Other specific questions that can be addressed are:

  • Monitoring: How does the development of airport connectivity over time meet our goals and expectations?
  • Scenario: What is the implication of the entry of a new alliance member for the network performance of an airport? Or how does the transfer product at our airport change when an extra arrival and departure peak is introduced?

Direct and Indirect Connectivity of the Five Largest Airports in Europe

This figure shows the sum of the direct and indirect connectivity from the five largest airports in Europe, broken down by alliance. Madrid is less well connected to the world than the other four airports. Although Madrid receives more direct flights than Amsterdam, indirect connectivity from Madrid is relatively low. London Heathrow is the best connected, closely followed by Frankfurt and Paris Charles de Gaulle. The figure clearly shows the dominant alliances at each of the five airports.

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