Domestic Market Power in the International Airline Industry

A recent published study by Gerben de Jong and Christiaan Behrens shows that airlines have substantial domestic market power. This dominant position lowers competition between airlines in the international aviation industry. Read more>

A4E Summit in Brussels

Rogier Lieshout presented the results of a study on the environmental impacts of ATC-strikes and inefficiencies in Europe’s airspace at the A4E Summit in Brussels. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion with Johan Lundgren (CEO easyJet), Jeff Poole (Director General CANSO) and Arjan Meijer (CCO Embraer).

Dutch labour market shortages and potential labour supply from Africa and the Middle East: is there a match?

The Netherlands and many other EU countries increasingly face labour market shortages, while around one third of young people in countries near Europe are unemployed. Is there a potential match between demand and supply? Read more>

Evaluation of the “Flying Food” Project in Kenya

Can a Cricket Value Chain Fly? Read more>

SEO Amsterdam Economics

SEO Amsterdam Economics conducts applied economic research on behalf of both public and private sector clients. Our research is fully independent, thus helping our clients to take the right decisions. SEO is affiliated with the University of Amsterdam and has extensive expertise in many markets. Our strength is our analytical approach, using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods and techniques. To find out what we can do for you, take a look at our recent projects.

SEO Economic Training

SEO Economic Training has a varied selection of courses for companies and public authorities. We could develop a customised course for a specific group of employees from your organisation. All our courses are given by experienced teachers and university professors.

SEO Economic Lectures

SEO Economic Lectures can provide lectures and presentations for your conference or symposium. The speakers from SEO always have an engaging and well-founded story that they tailor to the audience in the room. It is always delivered in a sparkling manner, with a passion for economics, and the speakers take pleasure in communicating economic insights.  

SEO Economic Support and Secondment

SEO Economic Support and Secondment offers the opportunity to hire SEO employees on a temporary basis to provide specific expertise. Another possibility is that you may be temporarily in need of secondment because of peaks in research work, or you may be looking to replace an employee who is temporarily absent because of illness or leave.