Jellien Knol

Jellien is working as a junior researcher within the Social Security cluster. As a member of SEO, she focuses on law evaluation related to pensions and social security.

Currently she is involved in a research about waterbed effects related to law transformation at the job market. Moreover, she researched the necessity and possibility for reforming pension schemes within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Jellien started her studies with the bachelor International Business at the University of Groningen. Additionally she followed courses from the bachelor Economics. Through this combination of business and economics courses, Jellien improved het skills and knowledge about both quantitative and qualitative research methods. After the bachelor, Jellien continued with the research master economics which she graduated cum laude. This master encourages research-based thinking and offers a wide range of economics and econometrics courses In her master’s thesis, she investigated the optimal price and advertising intensity for companies offering a new product.