Alternatives to government revenues from natural gas

Publication number: 2016-72
Authors: M. van Benthem, E. Buunk & B. Tieben
Commissioned by: Milieudefensie
Published by: SEO Amsterdam Economics
ISBN: 978-90-6733-834-9

The gradual reduction of the gas production from the Groningen gas field to zero in 2030 will result in a reduction of government revenues from natural gas. Compared to the current expectations this reduction will be maximal in 2030 and by then amount to € 3.8 billion per year.

Green taxes are a promising way to generate additional revenue for the state treasury. Based on literature in the public domain, SEO Amsterdam Economics describes 39 possible measures.

These measures have been assessed based on four criteria: technical feasibility, revenue certainty, greening and cost distribution.

Measures that scored the highest on one of the criteria were combined into packages that each generate sufficient income to offset the lower government revenues from natural gas.

The potential for green tax measures is many times greater than the expected reduction of government revenues from natural gas.

Category: 2016, Menno van Benthem, Bert Tieben