Fit-4-Work: an ex-ante cost-benefit analysis

Publication number: 2011-68
Authors: L. Kok, L. Burdorf, R. van Rijn, J. Theeuwes
Commissioned by: G4, UWV
Publisher: SEO Economic Research
ISBN: 978-90-6733-626-0

Fit-4-Work is an intervention to get people with mental health problems back on the labour market. The difference with other interventions that Fit-4-Work begins with placement in a job. Regular interventions usually start first with education and training before work comes into the picture. Fit-4-Work addresses the obstacles that stand in the way simultaneously through a combination of mental healthcare, job coaching, prevention and home care.

Fit-4-Work is expected to have a higher social return than a regular intervention, because more people find a regular job. This is the conclusion of an ex-ante cost-benefit analysis carried out by SEO Economic Research commissioned by UWV and municipalities. The ex-ante cost-benefit analysis is based on previous experiments with a comparable intervention: IPS (individual placement and support).

Category: 2011, Lucy Kok, Healthcare & Social Security