Information on the Dutch coinsurance market

Report number: 2008-11
Authors: B. Baarsma, S. Bremer, R. Dosker, K. Janssen, P. Risseeuw
Commissioned by: VNAB
Published by: SEO Economic Research

This note aims at addressing some of the issues raised by the European Commission (EC) in their sector inquiry on business insurance with regard to the Dutch coinsurance market. More specifically, we discuss:

  1. The competitiveness and efficiency of the Dutch coinsurance market: Is the customers’ interest best guaranteed? How do the various pools increase the efficient functioning of the Dutch coinsurance market? How important is the innocent capacity?
  2. The central position of the broker on the Dutch market: Is conflict of interest and (in)transparency of remuneration a (competition) problem?
  3. The different character of the Dutch coinsurance market: Is there a national relevant market?

Category: 2008