Market Monitor of Private-Sector Vocational Training Providers

Publication number: 2012-02
Authors: N. Rosenboom, B. Tieben
Commissioned by: NRTO
Published by: SEO Economic Research
ISBN: 978-90-6733-633-8

This market monitor of private-sector vocational training courses was commissioned by the Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding (NRTO, Dutch Council for Training and Education). The aim of this monitor is to provide a representative snapshot of training organizations and courses in this market. Repeating the survey in subsequent years will give a picture of how the market is developing, turning the snapshot into a film. This market monitor thus provides a baseline survey.

The market monitor looks at the following key questions:

  • How many providers of vocational training courses were active in the market in 2010?
  • What courses did they offer?
  • To what sectors and professions did they provide courses?
  • How many people made use of the courses?
  • What was the turnover in 2010?
  • How many staff worked for the course providers?

Category: 2012, Nicole Rosenboom, Bert Tieben