In this research we identify policies that help to modernize and strengthen the social security system of Sint Maarten. The report takes stock of the current social security system (regulations, execution and financial state of affairs), develops reforms aimed at a strengthened and modernized system, calculates the financial impact of these reforms, and reflects on the economic and social feasibility and the implementation of the reforms.

Important improvements of the social security system in Sint Maarten would be the introduction of an unemployment benefit scheme, a more effective system of minimum benefits (financial assistance), stronger employer incentives for the prevention of sickness and disability, stimulation of participation in occupational pensions, and indexation of the first-pillar (AOV) eligibility age to life expectancy.

This research is based on the analysis of many documents, interviews with a large group of stakeholders, and the analysis of data. The desk research includes the analysis of policy documents, previous recommendations in the field of social security, an assessment of relevant regulations, and relevant academic literature. The research team has interviewed amongst others government representatives, policymakers, social partners, advisory councils, and experts. The findings and recommendations included in this report were presented to the stakeholders in Sint Maarten and they were able to provide their feedback.